Pull export

You can fetch your bibliography on the url[collectionID].[format] 1, where collectionID is:

  • the ID you get by right-clicking your collection and selecting “Show collection key”
  • the path “/[library id]/full/path/to/collection” (the library id is the first number from the key you get in the option above; it’s always ‘0’ for your personal library)

or any multiple of those, separated by a ‘+’ sign.

The format is either ‘bibtex’ or ‘biblatex’, and determines the translator used for export.

You can add options to the export as URL parameters:

  • &exportNotes=[true|false]
  • &useJournalAbbreviation=[true|false]

You can fetch your library as part of your build, using something like curl from your Makefile, or with a BibLaTeX remote statement like


format can be:

  • biblatex for BibLaTeX
  • bibtex for BibTeX
  • csljson for CSL-JSON
  • cslyaml for CSL-JSON in YAML format
  • the value of translatorID taken from the header of any existing Zotero translator to get an export in that translator format

Pull export will only work if you are compiling your document on the same system your Zotero client with BBT runs on. Technically it can be made to work for pulling from other systems, but it’s even more arcane to set up than git support.

Note that as of Zotero 5.0.71, access to this URL will no longer work from the browser for security reasons; curl and other programmatic access will work.

  1. Replace portnumber 23119 with 24119 for Juris-M. ↩︎