You are a hardcore LaTeX user

If you’d really just rather hand-code your LaTeX constructs, BBT makes that possible:

  • You can add literal LaTeX anywhere in your item by surrounding it with <script>...</script> (<pre>...</pre> will also work for historical reasons) markers. BBT will convert to/from unicode and (un)escape where required but will pass whatever is enclosed in the pre tags unchanged.
  • An entry tagged with #LaTeX (case-sensitive!) will have all fields exported as if they’re wrapped in <script>...</script>, so you can include LaTeX markup in your items.

Recognizing initials in names

In names, you can force first names like Philippe to be exported to {\relax Ph}ilippe (which causes it to get initial Ph. rather than P. in styles that do initials) capitalizing the letters you want to have used as the initials, so PHilippe.