Extra fields

In some cases the Zotero fields do not offer a place to enter the data you need to get your exported entries just right. For this Zotero has a so-called “cheater syntax” which allows you to add extra “fields” as separate lines in the extra field all items in Zotero have. These fields are supported by the citation processor inside Zotero, and BBT understands them too, and adds one “cheater syntax of its own.

You can add such fields by adding each on their own line in the following format:

Label: value

or the older format you migh have seen, which is supported but considered depracated:

{:csl-variable: value}

The full list of labels and the Zotero/CSL variables they translate to can be found in the table at the end.

These extra-fields are available to postscripts as extra.kv.<variable-name>. Which variable it is depends (sorry):

  • when you export to CSL, it is attempted to map it to the corrsponding CSL fields; if none are available, it is available under their zotero name
  • when you export to Better BibTeX/Better BibLaTeX, it is attempted to map it to the corresponding zotero fields; if none are available, it is available under their csl variable name

There’s three type of fields:

  • text
  • date
  • name

Text is just that. For dates, BBT will do its darndest to parse the crazy dates so many people seem intent in using but if you want consistent results, stick to YYYY-MM-DD. For names, use either just text (equivalent to a single-part name in Zotero), or <family name> || <given name>.


There is also a BBT-specific extra-field format that looks like

tex.field: value

These fields are simply copied to the output by BBT, so if you have

tex.bestfield: philosophy

you will end up with

  bestfield = {philosophy}

in the written bib(la)tex.

You can make BBT export the field only for bibtex or biblatex by changing the prefix to bibtex. (so bibtex.bestfield:) or biblatex. respectively. Finally, you can use = instead of : as a delimiter, and that will indicate to BBT that what follows the = is “raw LaTeX”; BBT will not do any escaping and just copy it out unchanged. This means, for example, that you would probably want

tex.corp: Black & Decker
tex.formula= $\sum\limits_{i=1}^{n} -p(m_{i})\log_{2}(p(m_{i}))$

and not

tex.corp= Black & Decker
tex.formula: $\sum\limits_{i=1}^{n} -p(m_{i})\log_{2}(p(m_{i}))$

BBT will apply case-protection rules for non-raw fields by including capitals in the prefix, eg

TeX.corp: Black & Decker

It is important to note that these BBT-specific fields are not recognized by any other exporter. They might end up in notes for some other exporters; there’s nothing I can do about that.

Label/variable list

note: I list the Zotero fields here, not the bibtex fields. The Zotero fields are translated to bibtex fields but that translation is pretty complicated and I don’t have a simple description of it at this time.

label type zotero/jurism csl
access date date accessDate accessed
admin flag text adminFlag┬╣ admin-flag┬╣
adoption date date adoptionDate┬╣
application number text applicationNumber
archive collection text archiveCollection┬╣ archive_collection┬╣
archive id text number number
archive location text archiveLocation archive_location
archive place text archive-place
artwork medium text medium
artwork size text artworkSize
assembly number text assemblyNumber┬╣ / seriesNumber
attorney agent name attorneyAgent attorneyAgent
audio file type text medium
audio recording format text medium
bill number text number number
blog title text publicationTitle
book abbreviation text journalAbbreviation container-title-short
book author name bookAuthor container-author
book title text publicationTitle
call number text callNumber call-number
case name text title title
cast member name castMember castMember
chapter number text session chapter-number
citation key text citationKey┬▓
code number text codeNumber
code pages text pages page
code volume text volume
collection editor name seriesEditor collection-editor
collection number text assemblyNumber┬╣ / regnalYear┬╣ / seriesNumber / yearAsVolume┬╣ collection-number
collection title text parentTreaty┬╣ / series / seriesTitle collection-title
conference date date conferenceDate┬╣
conference name text conferenceName
container author name bookAuthor container-author
container title text code / publicationTitle / reporter container-title
container title short text journalAbbreviation container-title-short
csl type text csl-type
date amended date dateAmended┬╣
date decided date date issued
date enacted date date issued
dictionary title text publicationTitle
docket number text number number
document name text documentName┬╣ document-name┬╣
document number text documentNumber┬╣ / number document-number┬╣
editorial director name editorial-director
encyclopedia title text publicationTitle
episode number text number number
event date date conferenceDate┬╣ / dateAmended┬╣ / signingDate┬╣ event-date
event place text event-place
event title text event-title┬▓
filing date date filingDate submitted
first page text pages page
forum title text publicationTitle
gazette flag text gazetteFlag┬╣ gazette-flag┬╣
interview medium text medium
issue date date date issued
issuing authority text authority┬▓ / issuingAuthority┬╣
journal abbreviation text journalAbbreviation container-title-short
legal status text legalStatus┬╣ / status status
legislative body text authority┬▓ / legislativeBody┬╣
letter type text type
library catalog text libraryCatalog source
manuscript type text type
map type text type
meeting name text meetingName
meeting number text meetingNumber┬╣
name of act text title title
news case date date newsCaseDate┬╣
num pages text numPages number-of-pages
number of pages text numPages number-of-pages
number of volumes text numberOfVolumes number-of-volumes
opening date date openingDate┬╣ opening-date┬╣
original author name original-author
original date date originalDate┬╣ original-date
original publisher text original-publisher
original publisher place text original-publisher-place
original title text original-title
parent treaty text parentTreaty┬╣
patent number text number number
post type text type
presentation type text type
priority date date priorityDate┬╣
priority numbers text priorityNumbers
proceedings title text publicationTitle
program title text publicationTitle
programming language text programmingLanguage
public law number text number number
publication date date publicationDate┬╣ publication-date┬╣
publication number text publicationNumber┬╣ publication-number┬╣
publication title text publicationTitle
publisher place text publisher-place
regnal year text regnalYear┬╣
regulation type text regulationType┬╣ / type
regulatory body text legislativeBody┬╣ / regulatoryBody┬╣
report number text number number
report type text type
reporter volume text volume
repository location text place event-place / publisher-place
resolution label text resolutionLabel┬╣
reviewed author name reviewedAuthor reviewed-author
reviewed title text reviewed-title
running time text runningTime
script writer name scriptwriter script-writer┬▓
series editor name seriesEditor collection-editor
series number text seriesNumber
series text text seriesText
series title text seriesTitle
session type text sessionType┬╣ / type
short title text shortTitle title-short
signing date date signingDate┬╣
supplement name text supplementName┬╣ supplement┬╣
testimony by name testimonyBy┬╣ testimonyBy┬╣
thesis type text type
title short text shortTitle title-short
treaty number text number number
version number text versionNumber version
video recording format text medium
volume title text volumeTitle┬╣ volume-title┬╣
website title text publicationTitle
website type text type
words by name wordsBy wordsBy
year as volume text yearAsVolume┬╣

┬╣ only supported in Juris-M