Bundled translators

Better BibTeX bundles 5 translators you might care about:


These translators are supported by the auto-export functionality built into Better BibTeX:

  • Better BibLaTeX exports items in BibLaTeX format (but better, natch)
  • Better BibTeX exports items in BibTeX format
  • Better CSL JSON exports items in pandoc-compatible CSL-JSON format, with added citation keys and parsing of metadata
  • Better CSL YAML exports the same as the Better CSL JSON exporter, but in YAML format
  • Collected Notes exports just notes – standalone notes and notes attached to items, not the extra field – to HTML. This way, Zotero can serve as a (very) simple research notebook.


  • Better BibTeX exports and imports entries in Bib(La)TeX format

Included, but you should usually ignore it.

I would hide these if I could. They’re used for Zotero’s drag-and-drop citation facility, and for Better BibTeX debugging.

  • BetterBibTeX JSON exports and imports items in BetterBibTeX debug format. The error reporter uses this format
  • Better BibTeX Quick Copy exports citations to be copy-pasted into your LaTeX/Markdown document in the form \cite{< key >}/[@key]